I grew up Lutheran. I was admitted to Catholic Communion because I said publicly that I believed what the Catholic Church teaches.

Catholicism Pure & Simple


By Fr. John Zuhlsdorf,  

I grew up Lutheran. It is of constant consternation and amazement to me that I have had to fight with Catholics over what the Catholic Church teaches about the Eucharist. I have met Lutherans who believe more about the Eucharist than a few of my seminary profs. I am not exaggerating.

As things rev up toward 2017 and the Lutherfest, much about Catholic Lutheran dialogue will be in the offing. You will read lots of blah blah about…


I say YES! I want intercommunion, too!

I want intercommunion between Catholics and former Lutheran converts to Catholicism.

Also, before everyone out there gets their underthings in a twist, I said “blah blah”.  Mark my words.  A lot of the blah blah about how wonderful we all are together in this warm envelope of fraternal dialogue and sky-filled fellowship of sharing with open-hearts and arms…

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