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Tota pulchra es, Maria, es macula originalis non est in te.

Consider first, how man who was originally created in justice and sanctity – to be happy here in grace and innocence, and eternally happy hereafter in the enjoyment of his creator – having wretchedly fallen from God by sin, and forfeited his original justice with all the advantages annexed to it; and incurred at the same time all kinds of miseries, both for time and eternity; out of which it was not in his power to extricate himself, by anything that he could do of himself – the infinite goodness of God, out of pure pity and compassion, was pleased to decree that his own eternal Son should come down from heaven to be our Saviour; to redeem us from all our sins with his most precious blood; to bring along with him mercy, grace, and salvation to us…

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Ten Things You Miss by Going to the Traditional Latin Mass

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In the 1999 comedy Office Space, lead character Peter Gibbons (played by actor Ron Livingston) is interviewed by a pair of consultants hired by his employer to assess personnel. In one of the film’s more famous scenes, the consultants ask Peter about recent absences from work:

Bob Porter: Looks like you’ve been missing a lot of work lately, Peter.

Peter Gibbons: Well, I wouldn’t exactly say I’ve been “missing” it, Bob.

It is in that same vein that I present this list of ten things you will “miss” by going to the Traditional Latin Mass.

  1. Altar girls. Look all you want, you won’t find them. As the justification for this modern innovation comes from the 1983 Code of Canon Law and a 1994 clarification from Rome, the traditional Rite (using the 1962 liturgical books & norms) does not permit for them.
  2. Lay readers. Only the priest (at a Low…

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November 4 – St Charles, Bishop and Confessor


St-Charles-Borromeo-2.jpgHumilitas. This word already stood, crowned with gold, upon his family escutcheon, when Charles was born at the castle of Arona. It had been said of the Borromeos that they knew nothing of humility, except to bear it on their coat of arms: but the time had now come, when the mysterious device was to be justified by the most illustrious scion of that noble family; and when, at the zenith of his greatness, a Borromeo would learn to void his heart of self, in order that God might fill it. Far, however, from abjuring the high-mindedness of his race, the humble Saint was the most intrepid of them all, while his enterprises were to eclipse the noble exploits of a long line of ancestors. One more proof that humility never debases.

Charles was scarcely twenty-two years of age when Pius IV, his maternal uncle, called him to…

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DESTROYER: Pope to Celebrate New Rite of Mass at Youth Synod Closing

The author uses a rhetorical trick. Be sure to read the entire article to get his point before you explode.

Whispers of Restoration Blog

For those just now connecting the dots


Pattern of Liturgical Deviance

Plenty of controversy now surrounds Pope Francis: his seemingly invalid election, his long pattern of heterodox teaching, the Viganò report implicating him in cascading sex abuse crimes, the ongoing Amoris Laetitia debacle, the Vatican sell-out to Communist China, pick your disaster.

As this Pope’s penchant for “making a mess” shows no sign of diminishing to the peril of countless souls, we agree with Chris Ferrara’s assessment over at The Remnant, and his call (like Bishop Gracida’s) for an imperfect synod to defend the Church from Francis: a kind of emergency family intervention to stop the violence of an abusive father.

But having noted earlier controversies, we maintain that the worst dimension of this pontificatus horribilis has been a certain revisionist approach to divine worship, now set to display itself in liturgical spades at the conclusion of the Youth Synod currently underway in Rome.



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Twenty-second Sunday after Pentecost


Rubens_tribute_moneyAccording to Honorius of Autun, the Mass of today has reference to the days of Antichrist. (Hon. Aug., Gemm. an. 4:93) The Church, foreseeing the reign of the man of sin, (2 Thessalonians 2:3) and as though she were actually undergoing the persecution, which is to surpass all others—she takes her Introit of this twenty-second Sunday from the Psalm De profundis. (Psalm 129)

If, unitedly with this prophetic sense, we would apply these words practically to our own personal miseries, we must remember the Gospel we had eight days ago, and which, formerly, was the one appointed for the present Sunday. Each one of us will recognize himself in the person of the insolvent debtor, who has nothing to trust to but his master’s goodness; and in our deep humiliation, we shall exclaim, If thou, O Lord, mark iniquities, who shall endure it?

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October 21 – St Hilarion, Abbot


St_Hilarion_the_Great_(Menologion_of_Basil_II)“Monks were unknown in Syria before St. Hilarion,” says his historian St. Jerome. “He instituted the monastic life in that country, and was the master of those who embraced it. The Lord Jesus had his Anthony in Egypt and his Hilarion in Palestine, the former advanced in years, the latter still young.” (Jerome, Life of S. Hilarion 2) Now our Lord very soon raised this young man to such glory that Anthony would say to the sick, who came to him from Syria attracted by the fame of his miracles: “Why take the trouble to come so far when you have near you my son Hilarion?” (Jerome, Life of S. Hilarion 3) And yet Hilarion had spent only two months with Anthony, after which the patriarch had said to him (according to the Greek translation): “Persevere to the end, my son, and thy labor will win thee the…

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There’s a Sinister Back Story to the Homosexual Infestation of the Church

Catholicism Pure & Simple

We aren’t just simply living in days that are evil, we are living in the days that Isaiah spoke about, the days when they will call evil good and good evil. And we have been brainwashed into thinking that evil things are okay. They’re not. [LES FEMMES]

On August 19, 2018 Fr. Robert Altier presented a homily that addressed the Crisis in the Church: Communist & Homosexual Infiltration & a Time for Purification – Part 2. On August 25 we posted an audio link to that most revealing homily (transcript below) but there is more to say on this subject. One could say that Fr. Altier is a visionary. Twenty five years ago, in 1993, at the St. Paul/ Minneapolis Marian Conference he presented:

In This Sign You Will Conquer – Part 1 — 1993

In This Sign You Will Conquer – Part II – 2018

“So, from…

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October 16 – St. Hedwige, Widow

Poland is still standing strong against the barbarians.


St. Hedwig the Catholic Duchess

At the beginning of the thirteenth century, the plateau of Upper Asia poured down a fresh torrent of barbarians, more terrible than all their predecessors. The one fragile barrier, which the Graeco-Slavonian civilization could oppose to the Mongols had been swept away by the first wave of the invasion; not one of the States formed under the protection of the Byzantine Church had any prospect for the future. But beyond this Ruthania, which had fallen into dissolution before being conquered, the Roman Church had had time to form a brave and generous people: when the hour arrived, Poland was ready. The Mongols were already inundating Silesia when, in the plains of Liegnitz, they found themselves confronted by an army of thirty thousand warriors, headed by the Duke of Silesia, Henry the Pious. The encounter was terrible; the victory remained long undecided, until at length, by the odious treason of some…

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