October 19 – St Peter of Alcantara, Confessor


St. Peter of Alcantara

“O happy penance, which has won me such glory!” said the Saint of today at the threshold of heaven. And on earth, Teresa of Jesus wrote of him “Oh! what a perfect imitator of Jesus Christ God has just taken from us, by calling to his glory that blessed religious Brother Peter of Alcantara! The world, they say, is no longer capable of such high perfection; constitutions are weaker, and we are not now in the olden times. Here is a Saint of the present day; yet his manly fervor equaled that of past ages; and he had a supreme disdain for everything earthly. But without going barefoot like him, or doing such sharp penance, there are very many ways in which we can practice contempt of the world, and which our Lord will teach us as soon as we have courage. What great courage must the holy man I…

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Saturday of the Fifth Week after Easter



℣. In thy resurrection, Christ, alleluia.

℟. Let heaven and earth rejoice, alleluia.

On this day, which is sacred to Mary, let us open the holy Gospel, according to St. John. There, in the second chapter, we find these words: There was a Marriage in Cana of Galilee, and the Mother of Jesus was there.  (John 2:1) The sacred text goes on to say that Jesus also and his disciples were among the guests; but the Holy Spirit, who guided the Evangelist’s hand, would have him first make mention of Mary. It was to teach us that this our Blessed Mother extends her protection to those who enter upon the married life with worthy dispositions, that is, with such dispositions as to draw down upon themselves the blessing of her divine Son.

Marriage is a sacred state, for it was instituted by God. The first Marriage was celebrated in…

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In the Murky Waters of Vatican II

Catholicism Pure & Simple

CP&S comment: We wish to make clear that in publishing this article on the unscrupulous ways the New Mass was thrust upon the faithful, in no way are we stating that the Novus Ordo Mass, when celebrated according to the rubrics set out by the CDF and in Canon Law, is an invalid Mass. The NOM is still the only available option for the majority of Catholics today. Nonetheless, its liturgy and form are undoubtedly severely lacking in many sacrificial aspects that were removed by team Bugnini, rendering it no comparison to the awesome Tridentine Mass, that had been the very centre of the Faith of the Catholic Church since the earliest centuries of Christendom.


By Dr. Remi Amelunxen

People are invited “to gather round”

[As we have already seen] when the Novus Ordo Mass was first introduced it was defined as “an assembly of the People of God…

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January 29 – St Francis de Sales, Bishop



The angelical Bishop Francis of Sales has a right to a distinguished position near the Crib of Jesus, on account of the sweetness of his virtues, the childlike simplicity of his heart, and the humility and tenderness of his love. He comes with the lustre of his glorious conquests upon him — seventy-two thousand heretics converted to the Church by the ardour of his charity; an Order of holy servants of God, which he founded; and countless thousands of souls trained to piety by his prudent and persuasive words and writings.

God gave him to his Church at the very time that heresy was holding her out to the world as a worn-out system, that had no influence over men’s minds. He raised up this true minister of the Gospel in the very country where the harsh doctrines of Calvin were most in vogue, that the ardent charity of Francis…

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Sitting Bull Wore a Crucifix

Catholicism Pure & Simple

CP&S comment:  Someinterest has been stirred, both on the blog and off it, on one of the examples of bad and  biased journalism mentioned by Fr George Rutler in his ‘Weekly Column’ that we published yesterday, that of the large Crucifix worn by the Red Indian, Sitting Bull, until his dying day. The well known photo of this famous Indian chief was photoshopped to blot out the Crucifix! Such a powerful witness to the Saviour of Mankind and the instrument of our redemption could not be tolerated by the secular media, even over 100 years ago. Flagrant hostility to Christians by the MSM, and in particular to the Catholic Church, continues to grow increasingly worse in our day. Here is an account of the background to this story by Catholicblogger, Dr Taylor Marshall.


Sitting Bull (sitting) wearing his crucifix

Not long ago, I was speaking…

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January 23 – St Raymund of Pennafort, Confessor



The glorious choir of Martyrs, that stands round our Emmanuel, till the day of his Presentation in the Temple, opens its ranks, from time to time, to give admission to the Confessors, whom divine Providence has willed should grace the Cycle, during this sacred season. The Martyrs surpass all the other Saints in number; but, still, the Confessors are well represented. After Hilary, Paul, Maurus, and Antony, comes Raymund of Pennafort, one of the glories of the Order of St. Dominic and of the Church, in the 13th century.

According to the saying of the Prophets, the Messias is come to be our Lawgiver; nay, he is himself our Law. His words are to be the rule of mankind; he will leave with his Church the power of legislation, to the end that she may guide men in holiness and justice, in all ages. As it is his Truth…

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January 22 – St. Vincent & St Anastasius, Martyrs — †Pseudoclasm†

SAINT VINCENT, DEACON AND MARTYR. Vincent, the Victorious, vested in the sacred dalmatic, and holding his palm in his hand, comes, today, to his Jesus’ Crib, and right welcome is he to Stephen, the Crowned, his leader and his brother. Spain is his country. He is a Deacon of the glorious Church of Saragossa, and, […]

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Make the Vatican straight again

Catholicism Pure & Simple

Whatever you make of Milo Yiannopoulos, in this riveting interview with Michael Voris, the controversial author of “Make the Vatican straight again” tackles various topics including politics, Pope Francis and the homosexual crisis in the Church as well as his own personal problems and struggles. Towards the end of the conversation, Voris rather movingly promises to pray for Milo that by God’s grace he will fully overcome his demons and become holy. Whether you watch this lengthy interview or not, do please join in this prayer.

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