The More Perfect Form of the Roman Rite

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In a recent article discussing the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, the always insightful Dr. Peter Kwasniewski made the following observation about the traditional liturgy:

“There’s a peacefulness and naturalness that come from knowing what you’re going to get or what you’re supposed to do. As a layman, there is nothing more consoling and conducive to prayer than showing up at a traditional Latin Mass and simply being able to rely on the sameness of everything that will happen, from start to finish — everything for the glory of God and the sanctification of the people, even in the humblest conditions…(it) all works, everything comes together with a blessed inevitability, and one can surrender to the Mass, to prayer, to the Lord. It is a recipe for sanity and sanctity in a world that is characterized by escalating insanity and unholiness.”

Finding blessed inevitability and surrendering to the Mass…

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God Destroyed the Empire of the Serpent —

“Christ became man through the Virgin, so that the disobedience caused by the serpent should end in the same way in which it had begun. Indeed, Eve, virgin and intact, having conceived the word of the serpent, bore disobedience and death; the Virgin Mary, having conceived faith and joy, answered: “May it be done unto […]

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St. John of the Cross — SWORDS of Truth

Born: 1542, at Fontiveros, Ávila, Spain1 Died: December 14, 1591 (at the age of 49) in Úbeda, Jaén (Andalusia, Spain) Beatified: January 25, 1675 by Pope Clement X Canonized: December 27, 1726 by Pope Benedict XIII Proclaimed Doctor of the Church: August 24, 1926 by Pope Pius XI Feast day: December 14th Patronage: Contemplative life, […]

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The Novus Ordo Mess

What a mess!

Catholicism Pure & Simple


Andrew McDowell, ‘The Tie’ counterpart of the Catholic Collar and Tie blog, has written an honest account of his experiences in attending different Novus Ordo Masses in his area. His negative discoveries of a total lack of respect towards the Blessed Sacrament, plenty of banality, and an exaggerated focus on the celebrant instead of Our Lord Jesus Christ will be sadly all too familiar with the majority of Catholics.

Liturgy well done can lift the mind and heart to the contemplation of God, and inspire a deeper prayer life and a more active charitable life outside of Mass. Good and clear proclamation of the word and sound preaching at Mass provide us with tools for evangelisation in our day to day life. Surely Vatican II rightly called the Holy Eucharist the ‘source and summit’ of the Christian life. Sadly, not every celebration of Mass lifts the mind and heart to God…

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