The powerful name of St. Joseph

We found this outstanding post from a Facebook friend about St. Joseph.  St. Joseph, on your feast day, ora pro nobis!


The Saints Are Told to Have A Great Devotion to Saint Joseph


Once, on the Feast of the Annunciation, St. Gertrude had a vision during which the Heavenly Mother revealed to her the glory of her spouse, St. Joseph, in order to awaken in the Saint a greater love for him and to encourage her to have confidence in his intercession. Of this vision St. Gertrude wrote:

“I saw Heaven opened and St. Joseph sitting upon a magnificent throne. I felt myself wonderfully affected when, each time his name was mentioned, all the Saints made a profound inclination toward him, showing by the serenity and sweetness of their looks that they rejoiced with him on account of his exalted dignity.”

Jesus tells Saint Margaret of Cortona to be Devoted to Saint Joseph

Jesus Christ made known His wishes on this point to St. Margaret of Cortona, by appearing to her one day and telling her, among other things, to cultivate a special devotion to St. Joseph, who had performed the part of father towards Him with so much zeal and affection. It would be an act of inexcusable ingratitude for Christians to refuse to pay St. Joseph, through love of the God-Saviour, a tribute of honor and gratitude. As for me, O my Jesus, I will follow Thy example; I will serve him whom Thou has served; I will honor him whom Thou hast honored; I will love him whom Thou has loved with the tenderness of a son. Finally, O my sweet Jesus! by that profound humility which rendered Thy adorable person obedient to the least motion of St. Joseph, I beseech Thee to grant that Thy unworthy servant may be devoted from this moment and forever to the service of this great Saint for the sole purpose of pleasing Thee, since Thou wast the first to give an example. of affection towards him.

Signal Graces obtained through St. Joseph’s intercession

In Mary of Agreda’s City of God, we learn the following consoling revelations:

• “First, those who invoke him shall obtain from God, by his intercession, the gift of chastity, and shall not be conquered by the temptation of the senses;

• Secondly, they shall receive particular graces to deliver them from sin;

• Thirdly, they shall obtain a true devotion to the Blessed Virgin;

• Fourthly, they shall have a good and happy death, and in that all-decisive moment be defended against the assaults of Satan;

• Fifthly, they shall be delivered when expedient for them, from bodily sufferings, and shall find help in their afflictions;

• Sixthly, if married, they shall be blessed with offspring;

• Seventhly, the demons shall have extreme dread of the glorious name of St. Joseph.

With so many graces to be obtained through his powerful intercession, let us not tarry nor hesitate in asking humbly for the protection and aid of dear St. Joseph, Terror of demons!

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