The Devil and the Priesthood

Catholicism Pure & Simple

“A priest goes to Heaven or a priest goes to Hell with a thousand people behind” – (St John Vianney).

The “smoke of Satan” that entered the Catholic Church at the time of the Second Vatican Council had as its main aim the corruption of the clergy. The Devil is no fool. He knows that if he can achieve the enslavement of just one single priest to his desires, he will be able to “drag innumerous souls to Hell” with him.

The grave Apostasy and falling away from the Faith of countless souls in the years following the Second Vatican Council and its “opening to the world” (and with the subsequent changing of the transcendental God-centred holy Tridentine Mass for a pale and inferior Mass more centered on the community) reveals the success the Devil has had so far. Modernism had taken a firm root and millions were falling for its…

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February 10 – St. Scholastica, Virgin

†The Ecu-Men†

Dom Gueranger

The Sister of the Patriarch. Saint Benedict comes to us to-day, sweetly inviting us to follow her to heaven. Apollonia the Martyr is succeeded by Scholastica the fervent daughter of the Cloister. Both of them are the Spouses of Jesus, both of them wear a crown, for both of them fought hard, and won the palm. Apollonia’s battle was with cruel persecutors, and in those hard times when one had to die to conquer ; Scholastica’s combat was the life-long struggle, whose only truce is the soldier’s dying breath. The Martyr and the Nun are sisters now in the Heart of Him they both so bravely loved.

God, in his infinite wisdom, gave to St. Benedict a faithful co-operatrix, – a Sister of such angelic gentleness of character, that she would be a sort of counterpoise to the Brother, whose vocation, as the Legislator of monastic life, needed…

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