Rogation Days – Tuesday

†The Ecu-Men†


Today, again, the great Litany, the Supplication, is heard in the House of the Lord : the solemn Procession re-appears in the streets of the city, and in the quiet lanes of the country. Let us take our share in this sacred rite ; let us blend our voice with that of our Mother, and join the cry that pierces the clouds : Kyrie eleison ! Lord have mercy on us ! Let us think, for a moment, of the countless sins that are being committed, day and night ; and let us sue for rnercy. In the days of Noe, all flesh had corrupted its way ; (Genesis 6:12) but men thought not of asking for mercy. The flood, came, and destroyed them all, (Luke 17:27) says our Saviour. Had they prayed, had they begged God’s pardon, the hand of his justice would have been…

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