“Things Accelerate Toward The End” – Prophecy of Archbishop Fulton Sheen —

By Fr. Richard Heilman “The final battle between the Lord and the reign of Satan will be about marriage and the family. Don’t be afraid … because anyone who operates for the sanctity of marriage and the family will always be contended and opposed in every way, because this is the decisive issue … however, […]

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The Very Last Letter of St. Maximilian Kolbe — matt fradd

On the 15th of June, 1941—just under two months from his execution—St. Maximilian Kolbe wrote the following letter to his Mother from Auschwitz. It’s the last letter preserved (by his Mother, Maria Kolbe) that came from his hand: “My dearest Mom, Towards the end of the month of May I reached the concentration camp of Auschwitz…

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Our Lady of Good Counsel – April 26 — SWORDS of Truth

The tiny town of Genazzano is perched on the southern slopes of the Prenestini Mountains, overlooking the Sacco River Valley. Located just thirty miles southeast of Rome, it was at one time a celebrated shrine of Venus and a favourite vacation retreat of the ancient Romans. But with the fall of the Roman Empire, the […]

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The Amazing End Times Prophecy of Saint Louis Marie de Montfort that was recorded by Bob and Penny Lord

Bob and Penny Lord Ministry Blog

I remember when Bob and Penny Lord studied the Encyclical of Saint John Paul II, titled Mater Redemptoris (Mother of the Redeemer) and how our Pope asked us the faithful to study the life of Saint Louis Marie de Montfort.


Bob and Penny did study his life and they wrote about his life and this prophecy in their book, “Visionaries, Mystics and Stigmatists.”

I am in the process of converting all of Bob and Penny Lord’s programs into digital format for archiving and future use.

I listened to the program on the life of Saint Louis Marie de Montfort as it was being digitized and was amazed at what Bob and Penny had presented in that program, even though I did the camera during the taping.

Here is a link to watch the short video on the Prophecy of Saint Louis de Montfort 

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I think it is…

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Lost Without the Supernatural —

In what is surely one of the best yet least known blogs on the Catholic blogosphere, Brian Williams (‘Liturgy Guy‘), has brought this vitally important topic to our notice: the loss of the supernatural in our world today, and how “lost” we are without it, There is something missing from many of our discussions within […]

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“To Receive The Lord With Love and Fear” – Talk by Fr. Nathan — SWORDS of Truth

In a talk given to the Father Lacombe Guild of Calgary, Fr. Nathan spoke on the Catholic Church’s ancient practice of having the faithful receive the Holy Eucharist on their tongue while kneeling. Based on the writings of Bishop Athanasius Schneider, the auxiliary bishop of Astana, Kazakstan, Fr. Nathan traces the historical development of receiving […]

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Poor in Earthly Things, but Rich in Grace and Virtue

Imitation of Christ, by Thomas á Kempis: Book 1, Chapter 18
On the examples of the Holy Fathers.

Look upon the lively examples of the holy Fathers in whom shone real perfection and the religious life, and you will see how little it is, and almost nothing that we do. Alas, what is our life when we compare it with theirs? Saints and friends of Christ, they served our Lord in hunger and in thirst, in cold, in nakedness, in labor and in weariness, in watching, in fasting, prayers and holy meditations, and in frequent persecutions and reproaches. Oh, how many grievous tribulations did the Apostles suffer and the Martyrs and Confessors and Virgins, and all the rest who resolved to follow the steps of Christ! For they hated their lives in this world, that they might keep them in life everlasting. Oh what a strict and self-renouncing life the holy Fathers of the desert led! What long and grievous temptations did they bear! How often were they harassed by the enemy, what frequent and fervent prayers did they offer up to God, what rigorous abstinence did they practice!

What a valiant contest waged they to subdue their imperfections! What purity and straightforwardness of purpose kept they towards God! By day they labored, and much of the night they spent in prayer; though while they labored, they were far from leaving off mental prayer. They spent all their time profitably. Every hour seemed short to spend with God; and even their necessary bodily refreshment was forgotten in the great sweetness of contemplation. They renounced all riches, dignities, honors and kindred; they hardly took what was necessary for life. It grieved them to serve the body even in its necessity. Accordingly, they were poor in earthly things, but very rich in grace and virtues.

*Eradicating Poverty Is Not a Gospel Value — Taking Life, Love and Faith Seriously

If you read this post on Msgr. Pope’s blog, you will find many of his other outstanding reflections. For your convenience it is copied below with his kind permission. Eradicating Poverty Is Not a Gospel Value – A Reflection on a Teaching by Cardinal Sarah By: Msgr. Charles Pope (posted with permission – source) The eradication of poverty […]

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