May 31st – Feast of the Visitation —

What an easily-overlooked but beautiful Feast the Visitation is! Begun by St. Bonaventure among the Franciscans in A.D. 1263, it became a universal Feast in 1389, during the papacy of Urban VI. This Feast commemorates what is the second Joyful Mystery of the Rosary: Our Lady’s visit to her cousin, Elizabeth, who was six months […]

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*Withdraw your children from unorthodox Catholic parishes and schools — Taking Life, Love and Faith Seriously

Excerpt from the article linked to below: What should Catholic parents do when they encounter a priest in a parish, or even a bishop, with an agenda to advance teaching contrary to the faith? Bishop Athanasius Schneider: The parents have to know very well their Catholic faith. They have to study very well the catechism, […]

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Venerating England’s saintly relics —

By Sue Nicholson BBC News: More than 800 years after he was murdered at Canterbury Cathedral, a small piece of elbow bone thought to belong to St Thomas Becket has been the centrepiece of a week-long pilgrimage in London and Kent. Venerating saintly relics has long been a tradition of the faithful, with some of […]

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When Will We Stop Profaning the Holy Mass?

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In my most recent blog post I discussed the ongoing irreverence shown by some priests who treat the Mass as entertainment, and the sanctuary as their stage. From ukulele playing bishops to hoverboard riding priests, we continue to see irreverent behavior exhibited by those who offer the Holy Sacrifice in persona Christi.

Many defend such antics as simply being another way to “reach the youth” or to “meet people where they are.” It seems at times that we have grown indifferent to these profane actions, incapable of outrage anymore because we long ago lost the sense of the sacred, the transcendent.

The most recent example of this liturgical nonsense unfortunately comes out of my own diocese, courtesy of Monsignor Anthony Marcaccio and St. Pius X Catholic Church in Greensboro, North Carolina.

I have been told that lately Monsignor Marcaccio has increased the use of props during his homilies, often for…

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“I despise Birth-Control”: G.K. Chesterton on Babies and Distributism — Traditional Catholic Priest

I hope it is not a secret arrogance to say that I do not think I am exceptionally arrogant; or if I were, my religion would prevent me from being proud of my pride. Nevertheless, for those of such a philosophy, there is a very terrible temptation to intellectual pride, in the welter of wordy…

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You Have Not The Time – A sermon from the Curé d’Ars — Traditional Catholic Priest

We can only find our happiness on earth in loving God, and we can only love Him in prayer to Him. We see that Jesus Christ, to encourage us often to have recourse to Him through prayer, promises never to refuse us anything if we pray for it as we should. But there is no…

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This is a Big Deal — Musings of a Michigan-Man

First of all, a blessed Pentecost to everyone. Expect a more in-depth post on some thoughts of mine either later tonight or tomorrow. More urgently, this from OnePeterFive… it’s a big deal, if true. Apparently Pope Benedict XVI to a close friend of his has confirmed that the entire Third Secret of Fatima has not […]

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A Young Priest Sets the Record Straight for the Catholic Left

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This past week Sulpician Fr. Phillip J. Brown, rector of the Theological College, the national diocesan seminary of the Catholic University of America, thought it a good idea to grant an interview to the dissident media outlet the National Catholic Reporter. The topic? Is there a “Francis effect” noticeable to Fr. Brown among the current crop of seminarians, and if so, what does it look like?

In the article, Fr. Brown and the NCR present the all too common false narrative of the Catholic Left: namely, that those already ordained to the priesthood in recent years are not really interested in works of mercy and pastoral care, but rather only about traditionalism, and matters such as wearing the cassock and Communion on the tongue.

The following response is courtesy of Father Kyle Doustou, a priest of the Diocese of Portland, Maine. It is presented here with his permission.


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