“Can Ireland rediscover its faith – as I did?”

Catholicism Pure & Simple

CP&S comment:The holy old Franciscan, Fr Benedict Groeschell, once remarked that in all his recent travels he had never encounted greater anti-Catholicism in any country than that which he had found in Ireland! To the large Irish Catholic diaspora, proud of its heritage and long history of numerous saints, martyrs and missionaries, together with its heroic faithfulness during those gruesome penal years, this revelation came as quite a shock. But there is no denying the truth of Fr Groeschell’s analysis; Ireland had changed within a few decades from being a once pious Catholic nation, to becoming a generally secular one, largely scornful of its Catholic past. Yet this abandonment of the Faith that had sustained them throughout their difficult history has brought neither joy nor hope to the Irish population. Let’s borrow a few suggestive words of the current U.S. President: “We must make Ireland great again”… meaning, of…

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