The Thrilling Truth in 25 Easy Steps

Solutio Problematis Omnes (aka "The Catholic Linker")

The below was written for a friend that is struggling with their faith.  It is a 25 step progression proving God’s existence and that he created the Catholic Church for our salvation. It is beautifully written.

Please share with everybody you can.


Let’s look at the most basic facts of the case, in 25 steps.

1. We are here. You are, in fact, here and exist.

2. None of us put ourselves here, not you, not I. This is true of all humans.

3. Someone else did.

4. That “someone” is so profound, intricate and mysterious a being that we call him God.

5. God came to us as man in nature, yet still divine in his being, in Jesus Christ. We know this by the Resurrection.

6. As the Son of Man, he performed miracles, taught, obeyed, was raised, befriended, loved, spoke the Truth. But he spent not…

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