Post from a Converting Protestant


We found this on the intraweb and found it very instructive.  Please share with your protesting friends so they may one day experience the truth.


I am a former Protestant, and have made the decision to convert to the Catholic faith. I haven’t voiced this decision openly to everyone I know yet, many of whom are Protestant (or at least non-Catholic, or even anti-Catholic), but I look forward to the day that I can, and intend to. There are so many things they don’t understand, that I myself didn’t understand about Catholicism until recently. However disturbing the inclination to become Catholic was to me at first, I am nevertheless grateful to God for being led to the historic faith once delivered to the saints. For Protestants reading this, I would urge you to read the writings of the apostolic fathers for a deeper comprehension of what (and how) the early Church practiced during the first century; the letters of Clement, bishop of Rome, and especially the letters of St. Ignatius of Antioch, and Polycarp. These men were disciples of the apostles, and very Catholic. Too few Christians today are familiar with their work, and the history of the Church in general, which is a great cause for the disunity we’ve been experiencing for the last 4 centuries. Love to all my Christian brethren. Do not fight amongst yourselves. God the father, and our Lord Jesus Christ bless you.

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