The Soldier of Christ Must Prepare Early for the Battle

In a must read for every Catholic, Dom Lorenzo Scupoli, throws the gauntlet down over and over again in his masterpiece titled:  “The Spiritual Combat and a Treatise on Peace of Soul.”  In a chapter titled “The Soldier of Christ must prepare Early for the Battle,” Scupoli writes:

The first thing you do when you awake is to open the windows to your soul.  Consider yourself on the field of battle, facing the enemy . . . either fight or die . . . Imagine your guardian angel spurring you on:  “Today you must fight to conquer your enemy and anyone who tries to ruin you.  Be courageous.  Do not be afraid or cowardly.  Christ your Captain is here with all the power of Heaven to protect you from the enemy, and to see that they never conquer you, either by brute power, or by trickery.  Hold your ground!  Do violence to yourself, no matter how painful it is.  Call out for the help of Jesus and Mary and all the saints.  If you do this you will be victorious.”


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