Degree Bought – Poem by Mary Beth

Degree Bought

Looking into cloud of white
All of living’s fight
Made up of memories dressed
Up in finest gold, guessed
To be the one old friend
Who left their mind, left mind to fend
Alone with rows of falling, renewing thought
Of degree, strongest, thick and bought
With the too steep price of now
Wrangling thief, take a bow

Answers do ignore questions
Open to all mean suggestion
Hewing at hint of ordinary day
Vague chances observed from far away
Their movements seem to celebrate
Exclusion of your little weight
Dead eye, looking back on dead eyes
Memory lives, in the heart where it dies
Climbs out for inkling of air
Succumbs again to the wont of care

Inquiry, whispers, louder than talk
Keep their voices down, up the walk
Leaves swirl around their path
Then settled nervously in the wake of wrath
Close the door, against the lot
The plank, a landscape carved of knots
A chair in the corner to prop against,
Means letting go of the door from whence
The voice threat has quieted to lull
the host to peer outside his hull

Cross it out with a cross of string
Tighten till the tether wrings
Water from the vapor, grey
Carry it back to backyard bay
The field of thought, watered and plowed
A fight to the finish, of punching a cloud.



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