Sacerdos, Alter Christus

How the priest celebrates the mass is a indicator of the effectiveness of his priesthood. Please read the great article below. Save the liturgy and save the world.

St. Philip Neri at the Consecration St. Philip Neri at the Consecration

The priest, who is “Alter Christus,” or “Another Christ,” is the most important figure in the Church. Throughout the centuries, Christ’s mission of salvation has unremittingly extended over all the earth by the priest, who leaves all to gain all. Thus, for the devil and his followers, the Catholic priest is still the representative of God in the world, and for that reason he is hated, despised and persecuted by them as was the Divine Master at the hands of the Pharisees. From the moment he consecrates the very body and blood of Christ, he shares, in some way, in the infinite dignity of the Redeemer. The mouth that pronounces the mysterious words: This is My body, this is My blood, the hands that touch the host under which God Himself is hidden, that expose it to the adoration of the faithful and carry it to…

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