Padre Pio Proves That the Holy Mass is Jesus’ Sacrifice on Calvary

By Fr. Peter Carota on ‘Traditional Catholic Priest’. [Slightly adapted and abbreviated]

Josse Lieferinxe (1493-1508) Crucifixion: Oil on panel
Josse Lieferinxe (working ca. 1493-1508) Crucifixion: Oil on panel

In the book “Padre Pio’s Mass” written by Fr. Tarcisio of Cervinara, we are again given proof that the Holy Mass is the Re-made Present of The Holy Sacrifice of Jesus Christ offered once and for all on Calvary.  At the Council of Trent in the 22nd. session it states:

“Jesus Christ, our Lord and God, when He was about to offer Himself once on the altar of the Cross to God the Father, making intercession by means of His death, so that He might gain there an eternal redemption, since His priesthood was not to be extinguished by death, at the last Supper, ‘on the night that he was handed over’, left to His beloved Spouse the Church a visible sacrifice, such as the nature of man…

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