Feast of Our Lady of Ransom – September 24th

Our Lady of Ransom and Mercy please pray for us and for the conversion of all Muslims and Mormons to the one true faith.

Catholicism Pure & Simple

Our-Lady-of-RansomFrom ‘The Saint Andrew Daily Missal’

The Blessed Virgin appeared in the thirteenth century to St. Peter Nolasco, St. Raymund of Pennafort, and to James, king of Aragon, requesting them to found a religious institute with the object of delivering Christian captives from the barbarous Saracens (Collect), who then held a great part of Spain.

In consequence of this, on August 10th, 1218, King James established the royal, military and religious Order of our Lady of Ransom, and granted to its members the privilege of bearing on their breasts his own arms. Most of them were knights, and while the clerics recited divine office in the commanderies, they guarded the coasts and delivered prisoners. This pious work spread everywhere and produced heroes of sanctity and men of incomparable charity and piety who devoted themselves to the collection of alms for the ransom of Christians, and who often gave…

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