3 Days of Darkness Prophecy of Blessed Anna Maria Taigi

The 3 Days of Darkness

Blessed Anna-Maria Taigi (19th century, Italy)

Though an ordinary housewife and mother, Blessed Anna-Maria Taigi led an exemplary spiritual and Christian life that gained her the reputation as one of the greatest saints of all time. She experienced frequent ecstasies, performed miraculous cures, read hearts, foretold deaths, and predicted the coming of future events. She foretold the first two world wars that wreaked havoc in the twentieth century. Eighteen years after her death, her body remained supple and incorrupt. Amid praises, Pope
Benedict XV beatified her on May 20, 1920.

3 Days of Darkness Prophecy of Blessed Anna Maria Taigi

Blessed Anna Maria Taigi predicted a major and as of yet still fothcoming Chastisement for the world on account of its grave sins.”God will send two punishments: one will be in the form of wars, revolutions and other evils; it shall originate on earth. The other will be sent from Heaven. There shall come over the whole earth an intense darkness lasting three days and three nights. Nothing can be seen, and the air will be laden with pestilence which will claim mainly, but not only, the enemies of religion. It will be impossible to use any man-made lighting during this darkness, except blessed candles. He, who out of curiosity, opens his window to look out, or leaves his home, will fall dead on the spot. During these three days, people should remain in their homes, pray the Rosary and beg God for mercy.”

“All the enemies of the Church, whether known or unknown, will perish over the whole earth during that universal darkness, with the exception of a few whom God will soon convert. The air shall be infected by demons who will appear under all sorts of hideous forms.” (Prophecy of Blessed Anna Maria Taigi (1769-1837 A.D.) who was Beatified by Pope Bendedict XV in 1920.)

a) “God will send two punishments; one will be in the form of wars, revolutions and other evils; it shall originate on earth. The other will be sent from Heaven. There shall come over the whole earth an intense darkness lasting three days and three nights. Nothing can be seen, and the air will be laden with pestilence which claim mainly, but not only, the enemies of religion.

It will be impossible to use any man-made lighting during this darkness, except blessed candles. He, who out of curiosity, opens his window to look out, or leaves his home, will fall dead on the spot. During these three days, people should remain in their homes, pray the Rosary and beg God for mercy.”

b) “All the enemies of the Church, whether known or unknown, will perish over the whole earth during that universal darkness, with the exception of a few whom God will soon convert. The air shall be infected by demons who will appear under all sorts of hideous forms.”

c) “Religion shall be persecuted, and priests massacred. Churches shall be closed, but only for a short time. The Holy Father shall be obliged to leave Rome.”

d) “France shall fall into a frightful anarchy. The French shall have a desperate civil war in the course of which even old men will take up arms. The political parties, having exhausted their blood and their rage without being able to arrive at any satisfactory settlement, shall agree at the last extremity to have recourse to the Holy See. Then the Pope shall send to France a special legate….In consequence of the information received, His Holiness himself shall nominate a most Christian King for the government of France.”

e) “After the three days of darkness, St. Peter and St. Paul, having come down from Heaven, will preach in the whole world and designate a new Pope. A great light will flash from their bodies and will settle upon the cardinal who is to become Pope. Christianity, then, will spread throughout the world. He is the Holy Pontiff, chosen by God to withstand the storm. At the end, he will have the gift of miracles, and his name shall be praised over the whole earth.”

f) “Whole nations will come back to the Church and the face of the earth will be renewed. Russia, England, and China will come into the Church.”

Blessed Elizabeth Canori-Mora (19th century, Italy)

Blessed Elizabeth Canori Mora3 was born in 1774 and lived in Italy until her saintly death in 1825. Thanks to her confessor, her revelations were preserved in hundreds of pages of her own writings. Today, the Trinitarian Fathers at San Carlino, Rome hold her manuscripts for safekeeping in their archives.

These writings were meticulously examined at length as a safeguard against doctrinal errors when Pope Blessed Pius IX authorized Elizabeth Canori Mora’s cause for canonization to proceed. The ecclesiastical censor commissioned by the Holy See released his official judgment on November 5, 1900. It stated “there is nothing against faith and good customs, and no doctrinal innovation or deviation was found.”

Elizabeth Canori Mora was beatified in 1994.

Some of her prophecies are as follows:
•On Christmas, 1816 Blessed Elizabeth saw Our Lady, who appeared extremely sad. Upon inquiring why, Our Lady answered, “Behold, my daughter, such great ungodliness.” Blessed Elizabeth then saw “apostates brazenly trying to rip her most holy Son from her arms. Confronted with such an outrage, the Mother of God ceased to ask mercy for the world, and instead requested justice from the Eternal Father. Clothed in His inexorable Justice and full of indignation, he turned to the world.
•“At that moment all nature went into convulsions, the world lost its normal order and was filled with the most terrible calamity imaginable. This will be something so deplorable and atrocious that it will reduce the world to the ultimate depths of desolation.”
•On the feast of Saints Peter and Paul, June 29, 1820, she saw Saint Peter descending from heaven, robed in papal vestments and surrounded by a legion of angels. With his crosier he drew great cross over the face of the earth, separating it into four quadrants. In each of these quadrants, he then brought forth a tree, sprouting with new life. Each tree was in the shape of a cross and enveloped in magnificent light. All the good laity and religious fled for protection underneath these trees and were spared from the tremendous chastisement. “Woe! Woe to those unobservant religious who despise their Holy Rules. They will all perish in the terrible chastisement together with all who give themselves to debauchery and follow the false maxims of their deplorable contemporary philosophy!
•“The sky took on a morbid blue color which terrified everyone who looked at it. A dark wind blew everywhere. An impassioned and mournful shrieking filled the air, like the terrible roar of a fierce lion, and resounded all over the earth in blood curdling echoes.
•“All men and animals brimmed with terror. The entire world convulsed and everyone pitilessly slaughtered one another…
•“When this bloody fight will arrive, the vengeful hand of God will weigh upon these fated ones and with His omnipotence He will chastise the proud for their rashness and shameless insolence. God will use the powers of darkness to exterminate these sectarian, iniquitous and criminal men, who plot to eradicate the Catholic Church, our Holy Mother, by tearing Her up by Her deepest roots, and casting Her on the ground.

Blessed Elena Aiello

“Clouds with lightening rays of fire and a tempest of fire
will pass over the whole Earth and the punishment will be
the most terrible ever known in the history of mankind.
It will last 70 hours. The wicked will be crushed and eliminated.
Many will be lost because they stubbornly remained in their sins.
The hours of darkness are near … some nations will be purified
while others will disappear entirely.”

Blessed Mary of Jesus Crucified

“During a darkness lasting three days
the people given to evil ways will perish
so that only one-fourth of mankind will survive.”

St Columba (6th century)

“Harken, harken to what will happen in the latter days of the world! There will be great wars; unjust laws will be enacted; the Church will be despoiled of her property; people will read and write a great deal; but charity and humility will be laughed to scorn and the common people will believe in false ideas.”

Saint Hildegard

“[After the] great comet, the great nation will be devastated by
earthquakes, storms, and great waves of water, causing much want and plagues.
The ocean will also flood many other countries, so that all coastal cities will live in fear, with many destroyed.”


“The destruction of impenitent persecutors of the church during the three days of darkness. To him who outlives the darkness and fear of the three days, it will seem as if he were alone on earth because the world will be covered everywhere with carcasses.”

St Methodius (4th century)

“A day will come when the enemies of Christ will boast of having conquered the whole world. They will say “Christians cannot escape now! But a great King will arise to fight the enemies of God. He will defeat them and peace will be given to the world and the Church freed from her anxieties.”

The Prophecy of St. Nilus

After the year 1900, toward the middle of the 20th century, the people of that time will become unrecognizable. When the time for the Advent of the Antichrist approaches, people’s minds will grow cloudy from carnal passions, and dishonor and lawlessness will grow stronger. Then the world will become unrecognizable.

People’s appearances will change, and it will be impossible to distinguish men from women due to their shamelessness in dress and style of hair. These people will be cruel and will be like wild animals because of the temptations of the Antichrist. There will be no respect for parents and elders, love will disappear, and Christian pastors, Bishops and priests will become vain men, completely failing to distinguish the right-hand way from the left.

At that time, the morals and traditions of Christians and of the Church will change. People will abandon modesty, and dissipation will reign. Falsehood and greed will attain great proportions, and woe to those who pile up treasures. Lust, adultery, homosexuality, secret deeds and murder will rule in society.


At that future time, due to the power of such great crimes and licentiousness, people will be deprived of the grace of the Holy Spirit, which they received in Holy Baptism and equally of remorse.

The Churches of God will be deprived of God-fearing and pious pastors, and woe to the Christians remaining in the world at that time; they will completely lose their faith because they will lack the opportunity of seeing the light of knowledge from anyone at all. Then they will separate themselves out of the world in holy refuges in search of lightening their spiritual sufferings, but everywhere they will meet obstacles and constraints. And all this will result from the fact that the Antichrist wants to be Lord over everything and become the ruler of the whole universe, and he will produce miracles and fantastic signs.

Telephones, airplanes, submarines

He will also give depraved wisdom to an unhappy man so that he will discover a way by which one man can carry on a conversation with another from one end of the earth to the other. At that time men will also fly through the air like birds and descend to the bottom of the sea like fish. And when they have achieved all this, these unhappy people will spend their lives in comfort without knowing, poor souls, that it is deceit of the Antichrist. And, the impious one! – he will so complete science with vanity that it will go off the right path and lead people to lose faith in the existence of God in three hypostases.

The coming chastisement

Then the All-good God will see the downfall of the human race and will shorten the days for the sake of those few who are being saved, because the enemy wants to lead even the chosen into temptation, if that is possible… then the sword of chastisement will suddenly appear and kill the Perverter and his servants.

St. Anthony the Great

“A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, “You are mad; you are not like us.”

Diary of Saint Maria Faustina of Kowalska

No. 83: “Write this: before I come as the Just Judge, I am coming first as the King of Mercy. Before the Day of Justice arrives, there will be given to people a sign in the heavens of this sort: …”
“All light in the heavens will be extinguished, and there will be great darkness over the whole earth. Then the Sign of the Cross will be seen in the sky, and from the openings where the hands and the feet of the Savior were nailed will come forth great lights which will light up the earth, for a period of time. This will take place shortly, before the last day.”

Saint Padre Pio and the Three Days of Darkness…

From translation of a copy of a personal letter written by Padre Pio addressed to the Commission of Heroldsbach appointed by the Vatican that testifies to the truth and reality of these revelations on the Three Days of Darknessgiven by Our Lord to Padre Pio, a Capuchin priest who bore the stigmata.

JANUARY 28, 1950
Keep your windows well covered. Do not look out. Light a blessed candle, which will suffice for many days. Pray the rosary. Read spiritual books. Make acts of Spiritual Communion, also acts of love, which are so pleasing to Us. Pray with outstretched arms, or prostrate on the ground, in order that many souls may be saved. Do not go outside the house. Provide yourself with sufficient food. The powers of nature shall be moved and a rain of fire shall make people tremble with fear. Have courage! I am in the midst of you.

FEBRUARY 7, 1950
Take care of the animals during these days. I am the Creator and Preserver of all animals as well as man. I shall give you a Few signs beforehand, at which time you should place more food before them. I will preserve the property of the elect, including the animals, for they shall be in need of sustenance afterwards as well. Let no one go across the yard, even to feed the animals–he who steps outside will perish! Cover your windows carefully. My elect shall not see My wrath. Have confidence in Me, and I will be your protection. Your confidence obliges Me to come to your aid.
The hour of My coming is near! But I will show mercy. A most dreadful punishment will bear witness to the times. My angels, who are to be the executioners of this work, are ready with their pointed swords! They will take special care to annihilate all those who mocked Me and would not believe in My revelations.
Hurricanes of fire will pour forth from the clouds and spread over the entire earth! Storms, bad weather, thunderbolts and earthquakes will cover the earth for two days. An uninterrupted rain of fire will take place! It will begin during a very cold night. All this is to prove that God is the Master of Creation. Those who hope in Me, and believe in my words, have nothing to fear because I will not forsake them, nor those who spread My message. No harm will come to those who are in the state of grace and who seek My mother’s protection.
That you may be prepared for these visitations, I will give you the following signs and instructions: The night will be very cold. The wind will roar. After a time, thunderbolts will be heard. Lock all the doors and windows. Talk to no one outside the house. Kneel down before a crucifix, be sorry for your sins, and beg My Mother’s protection. Do not look during the earthquake, because the anger of God is holy! Jesus does not want us to behold the anger of God, because God’s anger must be contemplated with fear and trembling.
Those who disregard this advice will be killed instantly. The wind will carry with it poisonous gases which will be diffused over the entire earth. Those who suffer and die innocently will be martyrs and they will be with Me in My Kingdom.
Satan will triumph! But after three nights, the earthquake and fire will cease. On the following day the sun will shine again. angels will descend from Heaven and will spread the spirit of peace over the earth. A feeling of immeasurable gratitude will take possession of those who survive this terrible ordeal-the impending punishment-with which God has visited the earth since creation.
I have chosen souls in other countries too, such as Belgium, Switzerland. Spain, who have received these revelations so that other countries also may be prepared. Pray much during this Holy Year of 1950. Pray the Rosary, but pray it well, so that your prayers may reach Heaven. Soon a more terrible catastrophe shall come upon the entire world, such as never before has been witnessed, a terrible chastisement never before experienced! The war of 1950 shall be the introduction to these things.
How unconcerned men are regarding these things! which shall so soon come upon them, contrary to all expectations. How indifferent they are in preparing themselves for these unheard of events, through which they will have to pass so shortly!
The weight of the Divine balance has reached the earth! The wrath of My Father shall be poured out over the entire world! I am again warning the world through your instrumentality, as I have so often done heretofore.
The sins of men have multiplied beyond measure: Irreverence in Church, sinful pride committed in sham religious activities, lack of true brotherly love, indecency in dress, especially at summer seasons…The world is filled with iniquity.
This catastrophe shall come upon the earth like a flash of lightning at which moment the light of the morning sun shall be replaced by black darkness! No one shall leave the house or look out of a window from that moment on. I Myself shall come amidst thunder and lightning. The wicked shall behold My Divine Heart. There shall be great confusion because of this utter darkness in which the entire earth shall be enveloped, and many, many shall die from fear and despair.
Those who shall fight for My cause shall receive grace from My Divine Heart; and the cry: “WHO IS LIKE UNTO GOD!” shall serve as a means of protection to many. However, many shall burn in the open fields like withered grass! The godless shall be annihilated, so that afterwards the just shall be able to stand afresh.
On the day, as soon as complete darkness has set in, no one shall leave the house or look from out of the window. The darkness shall last a day and a night, followed by another day and a night, and another day–but on the night following, the stars will shine again, and on the next morning the sun shall rise again, and it will be SPRINGTIME!!
In the days of darkness, My elect shall not sleep, as did the disciples in the garden of olives. They, shall pray incessantly, and they shall not be disappointed in Me. I shall gather My elect. Hell will believe itself to be in possession of the entire earth, but I shall reclaim it!
Do you, perhaps, think that I would permit My Father to have such terrible chastisements come upon the world, if the world would turn from iniquity to justice? But because of My great love, these afflictions shall be permitted to come upon man. Although many shall curse Me, yet thousands of souls shall be saved through them. No human understanding can fathom the depth of My love!
Pray! Pray! I desire your prayers. My Dear Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Elizabeth, Saint Conrad, Saint Michael. Saint Peter, the Little Therese, Your Holy Angels, shall be your intercessors. Implore their aid! Be courageous soldiers of Christ! At the return of light, let everyone give thanks to the Holy Trinity for Their
protection! The devastation shall be very great! But I, Your God, will have purified the earth. I am with you. Have confidence!

(Here ends Padre Pio’s Message)

The three days of darkness

In Scriptures, we find many references to days of darkness, the most familiar perhaps being the ninth plague that fell upon Pharaoh and the Egyptians during the time of Moses:

But the Lord said to Moses: Extend your hand toward heaven. And may there be darkness upon the land of Egypt, so dense that it may be felt. And Moses extended his hand toward heaven. And a horrible darkness occurred in all the land of Egypt for three days. No one saw his brother, nor moved himself from the place where he was. But wherever the sons of Israel lived, there was light. (Exodus 10:21-23)

The prophet Isaiah also spoke of a day of darkness:

Behold, the day of the Lord shall come, a cruel day, and full of indignation, and of wrath, and fury, to lay the land desolate, and to destroy the sinners thereof out of it. For the stars of heaven, and their brightness shall not display their light: the sun shall be darkened in his rising, and the moon shall not shine with her light. And I will visit the evils of the world, and against the wicked for their iniquity: and I will make the pride of infidels to cease, and will bring down the arrogancy of the mighty. (Isaiah 13: 9-11)

From the New Testament, we also learn that a cloak of darkness enveloped the world when Our Lord died on Calvary as was recorded by the Evangelists:

Then from the sixth hour, there was darkness over the entire earth, until the ninth hour. (Mt 27:45).

And when the sixth hour came, there was darkness throughout all the earth, until the ninth hour. (Mk 15:33).

But it was almost the sixth hour, and there was darkness in the entire earth, until the ninth hour. (Lk 23:44).


Here are the proximate signs in their probable order of occurrence. this order appears to me to be the most likely:
1.Flouting of church laws, irreverence and immodesty in church, fall in attendance at church.
2.Lack of charity towards others, heartlessness, indifference, divisions, contentions, godlessness, pride in human knowledge.
3.Breakdown of family life: immorality, adultery, perversion of youth (e.g. homosexuals giving lectures in schools), immodest fashions (e.g. mini-skirts and hot pants, bikinis and see-throughs), people concerned only with eating, drinking, dancing and other pleasures.
4.Civil commotions, contempt for authority, downfall of governments, confusion in high places, corruption, coups d’etat, civil war, revolution. (The first four proximate signs have already come to pass, at least partly; for we are yet to see civil war and revolution in the West. But the sequence of events is not strictly chronological; there is room for some overlapping. Thus, the 5th proximate sign seems to have begun also.)
5.Floods and droughts, crop failures, unusual weather, tornadoes, earthquakes, tidal waves, famines, epidemics, unknown diseases (e.g. new strains of viruses).


It will be a bitterly cold winter night in the Northern hemisphere. (Presumably, a very cold summer night in Australia or, by contrast, a torrid night.) The wind will howl and roar. Lightning and thunderbolts of an unprecedented magnitude will strike the earth. The whole earth will shake, heavenly bodies will be disturbed – (this will be the beginning of the Three Days). Every Demon, every evil spirit will be released from hell and allowed to roam the earth. Terrifying apparitions will take place. Many will die from sheer fright. Fire will rain forth from the sky, all large cities will be destroyed, poisonous gases will fill the air, cries and lamentations everywhere. The unbelievers will burn in the open like withered grass. The entire earth will be afflicted; it will look like a huge graveyard.

As soon as you notice that bitterly cold night, go indoors, lock all doors and windows, pull down the blinds, stick adhesive paper on vents and around windows and doors. Do not answer calls from outside, do not look at the windows, or you will die on the spot: keep your eyes down to make sure you do not see the windows; the Wrath of God is mighty and no one should attempt to behold it. Light blessed wax candles; nothing else will burn, but the candles will not be extinguished once lit. Nothing will put them out in the houses of the faithful, but they will not burn in the houses of the godless. Sprinkle holy water about the house and especially in the vicinity of doors and windows: the devils fear holy water. Bless yourself with it and anoint your five senses with it: eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hands, feet, and forehead. Keep on hand a sufficient supply of drinking water and, if possible, food also (but you can live without food for three days.) Kneel down and pray incessantly with outstretched arms, or prostrate on the floor. Make acts of contrition, faith, hope, and charity. Above all say the Rosary and meditate on the Sorrowful mysteries.

One thought on “3 Days of Darkness Prophecy of Blessed Anna Maria Taigi

  1. This incredible website information shows a lot of work.
    Interestingly, you have left out the messages or predictions of Mary from Quito Equador (Our Lady of Godd Success) and La Sallette, from Amsterdam (Our Lady of All Nations), from Akita Japan, and from San Nicolas, Argentina. There are others as well. These Marian appearances conveyed in part of their content, the similar foretelling of this calamity for mankind. What they have in common is Mary. What that of St. Nicolas stresses is the desire of Mary to be declared co-Redemptrix with Christ. You indicate the desire in your last paragraph of signs in what you see as their expected order, that the Church’s acceptance of the changes of Vatican II and Mary as co-Redemptrix will be rescinded.
    Clearly you do not see the Mary as playing a significant role in bringing mankind to Christ, or as a failure in attempting to do so. This is surprising, since you have allowed a lot of space to Padre Pio’s prophecy in which, at the end of your 17th line down from the “February 7, 1950” subtitled entry in it, it states explicitly, “No harm will come to those who are in the state of grace and who seek My mother’s protection.” One must realize that is what Mary’s requests as co-Redemptrix are exhorting us to do: seek her intercession and protection! She has indicated in some of your omitted messages from her apparitions, that she is to lead us to Christ who is to lead us to the Father.
    Consider that the cornerstone of our faith is that Christ is the spirituality of God infused into the humanity of our form so that He has the two natures. Christ has said that He existed before creation, meaning, obviously, as His spiritual nature. One can draw from that, with certainty that He must be part of God, and since everything about Him is about God’s Love, Forgiveness and Mercy, He must be that part which is God’s very desire for us. As that Desire, he stands in the way of God’s indignation with our recidivist tendency to sin in response to the devil’s effort that wants to strike out and destroy what God has created or at least deny God the fulfillment of having it choose Him.
    (If Christ is that, than the Holy Spirit must be God’s willingness to interact with His creations, tweaking the plan that events roll out, in order to help them or to challenge them to achieve better, or perhaps to punish them if it comes to that. The Father must then be that genius part of God that conceives of the very idea and has the Will to make it happen from nothing, the absolute authority over all. All three, at the scale of God, would be able to function independently yet do so with full consciousness of what the other is experiencing and considering. In effect, that is the Blessed Trinity and yet One God, but it makes the relationship that much easier to comprehend).
    So Christ would have been able to experience all that we experience in temptation, for the devil holds the keys of ability to do that, yet Christ would not have been able to sin against His spiritual nature, for that would have meant denying Himself to be human in His sought and chosen satisfactions. Therefore, a human could become discouraged at being able to model after Christ. Yet, if we consider that Christ, as God, could not be present where there is sin, then Mary had to be sinless. Yet Mary could not be divine for she had to contribute the fullness of humanity to Christ’s formation. That means that Mary had to be the gift of God to St. Anne and St Joachim, late in their lives, of the child they desired to have and raise strictly for the love and service of God. There is from where Mary’s perfect love and devotion arises: She is the fulfillment of the desire to give God the perfect gift of human life and service. She is the one who is wholly and only human, with whom we can identify; to whom we can look as the proof that humanity can achieve the modelling after Christ, for Christ lived in likely even greater perfection, what Mary herself laid down as perfection in anticipation of her service to God as mother of His intended Son.
    Christ is to be the judge of mankind at both our individual end of life and on the occasion of the Last Judgment. It stands to reason that He has to judge something in which He was not significantly determinately responsible. Consider that He provides the intercession to give us the graces we need to capture the opportunity of our Redemption and allowance into Heaven, which He alone won for us and which, without Him, we could not achieve. (We can only access God’s forgiveness because of God’s own desire for us!) Given that, we must choose to make the effort and have the faith to use it. But we need help and encouragement, as it is the triumph of humanity’s desire for God over its desire for the devil’s offerings that must be achieved. And that is where Mary has the role to play. That role amounts to the one of co-Redemptrix. She is not Christ, nor God in any way, but the successful human achievement of choosing for God. As such, it must be that she is allowed to help us, whom Christ called His children and who were figuratively given to her as her children when he said to His mother, directing her attention to St John “Mother, behold thy son.” He used St. John as reference for children, it is believed, since John was the youngest of the principle and first 12 disciples who chose Christ as the one they wanted to follow and serve.
    Viewed from a slightly different perspective, Mary’s role was to bring Christ into the World. He taught and achieved the Redemption through which mankind can reunite with God. However mankind still has to want to use it. So Mary’s job is not quite over. If she is to just bring Christ into the world and mankind does not choose to follow Him, Christ’s efforts to bring mankind to the Father would be a failure. God does not quit, but neither does He impose His Will, for the love He desires from us, to be meaningful in mattering to Him, must be freely chosen and consume the entirety of our nature and desire. So Mary is working in stage two of her role as co-Redemptrix, trying to have us form the will and effort to choose God over all the adversities of temptation and obstacles that the devil can throw in our way. When she speaks of the graces and favours she has available to her to award, they could never be hers of her own making, but rather from the treasure-chest of allowed help that God has evidently agreed to make available to her. By the outstanding record of her sinless life and perfect love, she has won His confidence in her judgement and is found irresistible in her requests because they are always to serve God by trying to enhance the success of efforts by we humans in coming to Him. Mary is thereby bring Christ into the manger of our desires where He is to find a home; to the driver’s seat of our choices to be made in life. We should not doubt God’s immense love and the generosity that flows from it to those who have achieved for Him what has been consistently His greatest Desire: that spiral of perfect Love between God Himself and the creations to which He has allowed to choose freely to love Him. Mary achieved that and what she has available to her is consistent with that relationship as a result. Why must we doubt and diminish the role that is an obvious fit in the bigger picture of getting more of us home to Heaven?
    I do not deny that the devil can probably, and likely will, imposter on potentially successful acts that God wishes to use in this battle for our souls. He will do that to confuse us. We have to trust in what leads us to God and do that by accepting only what makes God be who matters. God will allow us the rewards of feeling that we matter when He allows us the Joy that occurs as incidental to when we love in absolute selflessness. We should accept that Joy as a further opportunity to allow God to feel the Joy of seeing us thrill in His gift of that experience. Our reception of love becomes, then, a further gift of love to God, done for His benefit rather than ours. Thus there begins the spiral of Perfect Love in give-and-receive-by-giving-yet-more and it just becomes ever more rich. Along the way even our repentance and rejection of the devil and his offerings become more perfect and more resolutely insurmountable by the devil. We need to accept with absolute faith, that, with such disposition on our part, God, who has done all that we believe He has already done to win us over, will not allow the devil to deceive us and usurp that, for it IS the purpose achieved of why God has created each of us. Nor would the devil, as imposter, allow us to get that close to his opponent, knowing what God wants and His power to accept it in an instant. We will run afoul in deception when we allow our own desired benefit to become part of the determination of why we choose as we do for God. We are to serve, not to expect that we have entitlement for our own advantage. God will not allow Himself to be played but will fall over Himself in caring for those who serve Him as the sincerely dedicated good and faithful stewards, drawing their steadfast motivation from their simple and singular desire to love Him first and foremost, and all other of His creation with Him and through Him and for Him.
    The devil does not have to have us necessarily deny the existence of God or His Onmipotence, just to feel that we can get by without Him; just to not desire Him. I think that the watershed or acid test in judgement will be the evaluation of just how much we desire God and what God wants, examining all the ways in which that can be manifested, and our weaknesses will be considered. Where there can be found some honest desire for God, Divine Mercy will step in to prevent the award of our souls to the devil. There may be a whole lot of Puragatorial adjustment needed, but I think God so wants to be desired. He understands desire and frustration. He understands the conflicts allowed by our weaknesses as humans, for he created the susceptibility of them. Consequently, I do not think He will forsake that little bit of desire for Him. Instead I feel certain He will choose to grow it.
    Mary is working in His garden, trying to preserve that element of desire and grow it for Him during our time alive on earth in our human form. The gardener of such work would be a “co-Redemptrix”, I think. Perhaps then, I could ask you to carefully review the messages of Mary and the backgrounds to those, to which we readers are not privy, and allow them the powerful status that they deserve. Mary is probably the greatest of all saints and yet you have ignored what she has had to say.Mary figures more compellingly than and other saint, in the fulfillment of the arrival of the Messiah. If it were not for her, Christ might well not have come at the time He did, and God might well be awaiting a different St. Anne and St. Joachim to pull the trigger on His appearance. If God has chosen a voice from Heaven, perhaps it deserves a priority status, albeit with a due diligence being applied to recognize that it is not a probable deceit.
    I have not meant this as a lecture but as a plea with justification supplied, to rethink the exclusion of Mary and perhaps the role you feel is not allowed her. I do not understand why the saints hae more credibility than her. I liken it to a road that has a turn: If we do not take it, we go off the road and it may not be good for the journey’s completion.
    Thank you for your great website and your worthy thoughts at the end, although I have found an issue with an implication. God Bless.

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