Summer Ember Days are Upon Us

Many thanks to Father Carota for reminding of us of the traditions of our Catholic Faith.  Starting tomorrow, the summer ember days are upon us once again.  Thank God for the Church that gives order to our lives.


Traditional Catholic Summer Ember Days

May 22, 2015

Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday after Pentecost Sunday are Summer Ember days of fasting and abstinence.  They are known as “Whit Embertide”. Prayers-before-the-HarvestPrayer Before Harvesting First Fruits This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday.  So these days this year, (2015), begin this Wednesday, (May 27th), Friday, (May 29th) and Saturday, (May 30th). Ember days of Wednesday and Saturday are fasting and partial abstinence, (I full meal WITH MEAT and 2 small meals WITHOUT MEAT).  Friday is fasting and abstinence, (I full meal and 2 small meals with NO MEAT)


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