Quote of the Day – Archbishop Sheen

“Only He Who made your wound can heal it. The Love that tightened your bow-strings did so, not in hurt, but in love of music. Do not all lovers ask in doubt; Do you love me? Ask that of the Tremendous Lover and each scar will seem a kiss! God is not way up there. He is taking another body – your own to carry on the world’s redemption. Too few offer Him a human nature like Mary at the angel’s call. So He conscripts you, drafts you, inducts you into His army. Complain that your shoulders ache beneath your pack but see His own smarting under a cross beam. Complaint to God is dialogue, and dialogue is prayer. Not the ready-made packaged, memorized lip-service of the book and candle, but the encounter and the union that only lovers know!”

Archbishop Fulton Sheen (Lenten & Easter Inspirations)


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