St. Stanislaus – May 7th

Yesterday was the feast day of St. Stanislaus.  He is a saint we should model our lives after today as we faced persecution for holding firm to our Catholic faith  He serves as a great witness because he paid the ultimate price for calling out the sinful King.  We should only be so lucky to have the same chance!

St. Stanislaus, Ora Pro Nobis.


St. Stanislaus May 7

StanislausSt. Stanislaus was born of a noble family at Krakow. His birth was God’s answer to the devout prayers of his parents, who in thirty years of marriage had remained childless. From his earliest days, he gave tokens of future holiness, and, as a young man, made great progress in the study of canon law and theology. When his parents died, he distributed his large inheritance to the poor, intending to embrace the monastic life. But God arranged otherwise, and he was made Canon and Preacher in Krakow by Bishop Lampert. Against his wishes, he later became Bishop Lampert’s successor, and in this office he was a shining example of every pastoral virtue, especially of kindness to the poor.

St._StanislausHe excommunicated Boleslas, King of Poland, whom he had often rebuked in vain for his corrupt way of life. In a violent rage the King sent soldiers to the church to kill the holy Bishop. But when these were driven off by the power of God, the King with his own hand beheaded Bishop Stanislas as he was offering the immaculate Victim on the altar. God proclaimed the holiness of his servant by many miracles after his death; and on the strength of them Innocent IV enrolled him among the Saints.  Roman Breviary


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