Souls are Saved When the Truth is Spoken. Viva Christo Rey!

Father Carota’s experiences in Mexico, detailed below, show how powerful speaking the truths about the Church can be. We pray that all priests give up their fear and boldly speak the true teachings of the Church no matter the consequences. The laity also need to do the same. What is more important . . . being liked on this earth or heaven?  Viva Christo Rey!  Our Lady of Guadalupe, Ora Pro Nobis!

Traditional Catholic Priest In Mexico

April 15, 2015

I am now in Mexico.  And as usual there is no time for blogging.  Yesterday I offered an early Latin Mass and flew here.  Today I had to wait for my altar boy to get back from High School to be able to serve.  We just finished a very wonderful Holy Mass for St. Justin Martyr.

Padre Pro 1Mexico, Land of the Cristero Martyrs. Que Viva Cristo Rey.  Que Viva La Virgin De Guadalupe.

Yesterday, as I boarded the airplane, I recognized the Airline Stewardess Michelle.  It was a clear sign from God that it was good I was going to Mexico.  She was so happy to see me.  We had a great talk.  Another stewardess has a brother who is a dominican Father in Illinois.

As we approached Mexico City to land, we hit some very strong turbulence.  The plane really shook and people were afraid.  I quickly prayed the St. Michael the Archangel prayer.  Every time there is any turbulence, I right away start praying to St. Michael the Archangel to fight the devil.

When we were going through customs I talked to the two pilots and all 5 Stewardess about the turbulence.  They said it was bad too.  I told them about the St. Michael prayer and Michelle, who is named after St Michael said she would google it and memorize it.Our Lady of Guadalupe

Michael French came with me to work on He had never been to Our Lady of Guadalupe’s Shrine.  So we took a taxi to the Villa.  The taxi driver was a young man named Alejandro.  When I asked him if he was a good Catholic he said that he believed in God.  As we talked, he shares that he only believes in God because he does not believe in praying to Mary and the saints.

He then took us on a long trip to the bus station.  We had a profound good talk and he was shocked at the answers I was able to give to him for his questions.  He asked what was the most important about the Catholic faith.  I told him the Holy Eucharist and Confession that come from the Bible.  He was totally convinced that the Catholic Church was the true faith by the end of our trip.  God is so Good.

I told him to find a holy priest, which are very hard to find, to help him come back to the True Faith.  We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and already be in the True Church of Jesus Christ.


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