Great Catholic Response to a Protestant – Boom!

We discovered the outstanding response to a “protester” attacking the Church in a comment section in regards to the following question:  “Was St. Joseph a Virgin or a widower with Children?”

Manny wrote:

“The Catholic Church was the one that compiled and canonized the 27 books of the New Testament at the Councils of Carthage, Rome and Hippo in the 4th and 5th centuries. At the time there were over 700 writings and over 50 gospels. Protestants didn’t come into the picture until 1,000 years later, yet they accept the same 27 books that the Catholic Church accepted as inspired by God but refuse to accept Holy Tradition along with those 27 books. How then are Protestants so sure that the Catholic Church was correct in accepting those books and not the other ones if the Catholic Church is a “cult” as they say? Besides, not everything is written in the Bible, St. John the Apostle says so in his Gospel Chapter 20:30 and 21:25. So much for the Protestant teaching of Sola Scriptura by Martin Luther.

From the earliest times, the Catholic Church has believed that Mary remained a virgin all through her life, even the Eastern Orthodox Church believes this. St. Joseph, being a just man knew that Mary was the spouse of the Holy Spirit and that her womb was consecrated for Jesus the Son of God alone. St. Joseph respected this and was her chaste spouse and the protector and provider of Jesus and Mary. They weren’t your average couple. Protestants have rejected Tradition and accept what they want to, there is no Magisterium. That’s why there are more than 30,000 different Protestant churches with conflicting beliefs since Martin Luther’s “reformation” in 1517 AD. Each Protestant church interprets scripture as it sees fit, so then, who is “lost?” certainly not the Catholic Church. If the Blessed Virgin Mary had other children there was no reason for Jesus to put her under the care of St. John the Apostle at Calvary. When Joseph and Mary were looking for the 12 year old Jesus and found him preaching at the temple there is no mention of any other brothers or sisters with them. The Bible never says that the “brothers” and “sisters” of Jesus were the children of Mary. Not one verse says the sons and daughters of Mary or Mary their mother. In the Aramaic language that Jesus spoke there was no word for cousin. Uncles, cousins and extended relatives were called brothers and sisters and it was common for them to live within the same area and travel together to the temple, etc.. St. Jerome, who was born in the 4th century was a scholar and was the first one to translate the Bible from Hebrew and Greek into Latin. He wrote that the brothers and sisters of Jesus were His cousins, the sons and daughters of the other Mary at Calvary, the wife of Cleophas, who tradition says was the brother of St. Joseph. Mary the wife of Cleophas is called the “sister” of Mary the Mother of Jesus in St. John’s Gospel but she was her sister in law. In Aramaic there was no word for sister in law either.

The Protestant reformers like Luther and Calvin believed in Mary’s perpetual virginity and that she was the Mother of God even after they broke with the Catholic Church. The founder of the Methodist Church, John Wesley also believed in Mary’s perpetual virginity. Fundamentalist anti Catholic Protestants need to go to the Catholic Answers website and look up these doctrinal issues and also get a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church instead of listening to the same old anti Catholic diatribe.”

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