Bring the Irish Back to Christ Once More

Thank God for these sisters that wrote the song in this youtube video regarding their decision to NOT march in the St. Patrick’s day parade.  They are standing for the faith and the Saint they love so much.  Thank God for our Catholic faith.

Here are the outstanding lyrics:

The Leaving of Boston
(“The Leaving of Liverpool”)

Fare thee well, Saint Patrick’s Day Parade,
South Boston, fare thee well!
We are standing for our Catholic Faith,
And the Saint that we love so well.

So, fare thee well, the time has come,
We will now defend one so great as he.
It’s not the leaving of Boston that grieves me,
But Saint Patrick when I think of thee.

We have marched there for over twenty years,
“Keep the Faith” did we proudly display,
And though the foes of God may try,
They will never take this Faith away! – Chorus

Remember, Holy Youth, how long ago,
You brought the Faith to Erin’s shore.
Through the strength and the might of the Trinity,
Bring the Irish back to Christ once more! – Chorus


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