The Seven Holy Founders of The Servite Order – Feb 12th

Please click the link below for the 03:20 homily of Msgr. Andrew Wadsworth, Superior/Moderator of the Oratory in-Formation at Saint Thomas Apostle Church in Washington, DC on the Feast The Seven Holy Founders of The Servite Order – Feb 12th

Excerpts from the homily:  In the thirteenth century, a group of 7 Florentine merchants consecrated themselves to the Blessed Virgin Mary and formed a Confraternity.  In 1233, they became a community where they devoted their life to prayer and meditation on the sorrows of the Blessed Virgin.  They were given the title “Servants of Mary” or “Servites”.  In 1255, the Pope confirmed the rule for the Servites.

This group continues to this day and it is one of the many examples of a radical response to the dilemma of Christians living in the world.  This underlines the fact that as Catholics we HAVE to respond to being in the world.  It doesn’t have to involve forming a community but it must include a response to this dilemma by responding with Prayer and Penance.  The times we currently live in require such a response.

What will be your response to the dilemma of being in the world?  Do not forget that not only are we responsible for getting ourselves into heaven but those around us.  The truth that we have discovered is for everybody’s salvation.  We have a responsibility to share this truth with others.

St. Philip Neri’s Maxim of the Day:  “There is nothing more to the purpose for exciting a spirit of prayer, than the reading of spiritual books.”

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