The Feast of St. Scholastica – Feb 10th

Please click the link below for the 04:34 homily of Msgr. Andrew Wadsworth, Superior/Moderator of the Oratory in-Formation at Saint Thomas Apostle Church in Washington, DC on the Feast of St. Scholastica  – Feb 10th

Here is a summary of the homily:  St. Scholastica entered the monastic life like her brother, St. Benedict.  Her convent was one of the first for women.  The monastic life says to the world that God alone is sufficient.  Men and woman who live a life of monastiscim live in a way that points to the life of Heaven which ultimately is the way everyone will live where we are not concerned about bonds between persons but on God alone.  The Liturgy of the hours in the monastery is the highest profession of the sanctification of time and a witness to such a glorious vocation.  In fact, the greatest number of vocations at this time is to the monastic life.  It was witnessed that her soul rose to God in the form of a dove.  This represents our life as a long ascent to God.

St. Philip Neri’s Maxim of the Day: 

“We must always remember that God does everything well, although we may not see the reason of what He does.”


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