St. Titus – February 6th – First Friday

Please click the link below for the 2 minute 24 second homily of Msgr. Andrew Wadsworth, Superior/Moderator of the Oratory in-Formation at Saint Thomas Apostle Church in Washington, DC on the Feast of St. Titus – Feb 6th

St. Titus is a witness of a good conscience to God.  He was a virgin his entire life and he displayed a long lifetime of fidelity and perseverance.

On this first Friday, let us offer to the Sacred Heart a love of obedience to God’s law and generosity in the service of our brethren.

There also exists a great letter from St. Paul to Titus that talks about the qualities of a good Bishop:  Here is the language:

1          He must not please himself. A selfish man pleases himself. He takes no notice of what other people need. Jesus showed that a leader should serve other people (John 13:1-17).

2          He must not have a bad temper (James 1:19-20). A man who gets angry quickly often insults people. He argues and does not listen to people. Instead, a leader should be patient as he helps people.

3          He must not drink too much alcohol. Instead, he should control himself properly.

4          He must not fight. A leader should help to unite people. He should be gentle.

5          He must not be greedy to get more money. He must not try to get money in ways that are not honest. People who love money may turn away from God. Instead, a leader should be content and generous (1 Timothy 6:6-10, 17-19). He must not be like the people in Crete, who were greedy for money (verse 11).

Sts. Paul & Titus at Crete

St. Philip Neri’s Maxim of the Day:  

“Tears are no sign that a man is in the grace of God, neither must we infer that one who weeps when he speaks of holy and devout things necessarily leads a holy life.”


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