St. Francis De Sales – Jan 29th – Doctor of the Church

Please click on the link for the power-packed five minute homily of Msgr. Andrew Wadsworth, Superior/Moderator of the Oratory in-Formation at Saint Thomas Apostle Church in Washington, DC on the Feast of St. Francis De Sales – Jan 29th

St. Francis De Sales is one of the doctors of the Church (as well as an Oratorian!).  His “Introduction to the Devout Life”, which was the basis for him being named a Doctor of the Church, is still appropriate today to those who live in the world who seek holiness.  He stressed others to focus on removing mortal sin from one’s life as a prerequisite to becoming holy.  He also was a prolific converter of protestants (mostly calvinists).  We need his skills today more than ever.  St. Francis De Sales, ora pro nobis.

We also found an online .pdf version of his “Introduction to the Devout Life” here:

PHOTO: Saints Francis de Sales & Philip Neri praying before the ‘Blessed Mother & Child.’


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