New Year’s Resolution Idea from the Blessed Mother

If you are looking for Catholic ideas for your New Year’s resolution look no further than our lady!  Father Peter Carota at recommends praying the entire 15 mysteries while walking!  We wholeheartedly agree on the edifying nature of praying the rosary while walking.  The kids will love it because you are outside and you create a captive audience which is needed with younger ones.  So get off your duff, turn off the football or the Downton Abbey (or at least do it at halftime of your football game) and start saving the world one powerful rosary at a time.


Pray The Whole Traditional Catholic Rosary While Walking

Posted on January 2, 2015 by fc

I want to advocate that each one of you reading this blog, decide to pray all 15 Mysteries of the Traditional Rosary everyday.

Last night, I went out and walked in the cold praying all 15 Mysteries. It only took me around 25 minutes. I prayed, got to enjoy God’s creation and I got some exercise as well. Most of us sit around way too much. So we can always use some good exercise. Children like walking and praying the Holy Rosary too. You do need to keep reminding them to pray because they get distracted easily. But once they get into the good habit, (virtue), it becomes a joy.

We need to do this because in this decisive battle for souls as traditional Catholics, we need the right weapons to fight against the devil, evil people in the Church and those out in the world. We are helpless without God’s and Mary’s power.

For this reason we need to always pray the Holy Rosary with great faith. And we need to pray it as Mary gave it to St. Dominic. (15 Mysteries, all 15 Decades) Why do we need to re-invent the wheel? This powerful instrument has been conquering evil for hundreds and hundreds of years.

In 1214, Mary appeared to St. Dominic and told him:

“Dear Dominic, do you know which weapon the Blessed Trinity wants to use to reform the world?” Dominic’s response was Blessed Mary knew better than he because she is a part of our salvation.
Mary continued : “I want you to know that, in this kind of warfare, the battering ram has always been the Angelic Psalter, (which is the rosary), which is the foundation stone of the New Testament. Therefore if you want to reach these hardened souls and win them over to God, preach my Psalter” .

‘Wonder not that you have obtained so little fruit by your labors, you have spent them on barren soil, not yet watered with the dew of Divine Grace. When GOD willed to renew the face of the earth, He began by sending down on it the fertilizing rain of the Angelic Salutation. Therefore preach my Psalter composed of 150 Angelic Salutations and 15 Our Fathers, and you will obtain an abundant harvest’.

Archbishop Fulton Sheen said;

“The rosary is the book of the blind, where souls see and there enact the greatest drama of love the world has ever known; it is the book of the simple, which initiates them into mysteries and knowledge more satisfying than the education of other men; it is the book of the aged, whose eyes close upon the shadow of this world, and open on the substance of the next. The power of the rosary is beyond description.”

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to have access to the great arms of God and Mary. But many times, we forget about them and tend to rely on our own strength. And this is why we become discouraged. More prayer, more faith and more joy.


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