God Judges the Humble

In yesterday’s 4 1/2 minute homily on Ember Friday, Monsignor Andrew Wadsworth, as usual, gets right to the heart of the matter and sums up the key to the spiritual life:  humility.

I leave you all with this:  why is humility so hard for us, especially as Americans?  We seem to suffer from the devil’s sin more than other countries.  How many people do you know are really and truly humble?  Doesn’t it seem like people focus too much on their past hurts?  Doesn’t it seem like too many people focus too often on what they deserve in this life?  Don’t most people you know have to be right all the time?  Finally, doesn’t it seem like most people feel the need to worship God in their own way (which is so wrong because God already established the way he wants us to worship him through the holy sacrifice of the mass and through his Church)?  This Advent season is a great time to die unto your self and give up everything for Christ.  Truly ask him, through the blessed Virgin Mary, the gift to know what his holy will is for you. You will be rewarded if you ask.



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