Our Lady of Guadalupe Redux

We just love Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Late on her feast day this past Friday, a good friend of ours from the military e-mailed us, way out of the blue, a great blog post (http://mtncatholic.com/2014/12/11/4-literally-awesome-facts-about-our-lady-of-guadalupe/) that listed four great facts about the miraculous nature of the famous image.  We aren’t sure how he found it or even where he came across it, being a Protester and all, but we are praying Our Lady can work a conversion because this friend would be a faithful Catholic and a great witness for the faith because he is a stud in pretty much every category of his life (with the exception of his religion of course!).

Plus who wouldn’t want to be Catholic after learning about the image’s miraculous aspects?

Also, attached is a Youtube video produced by Bro. Peter Dimond O.S.B. from the Most Holy Family Monastery, that has, in our humble opinion, the best description of the miraculous aspects of the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Ora Pro Nobis and for all Protestants that they come to the light, return home, and adopt the One True Faith.


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