We Need More Masculinity in the Church

As most of you know, we at In solutione admire Michael Voris from ChurchMilitant.tv. He is outspoken on the things that matter. He truly wants to improve the Church to help save our souls. Some people might not like his blunt style but remember that even the “joyful saint”, St. Philp Neri, believed the only things worth arguing over were matters of conscience. In other words, the Church and all its teachings are the things to fight over because it ultimately will help sanctify us and lead us to heaven. Voris lives this out on a daily basis. He is a brave man.

In Voris’ recent “Vortex”, he discusses how the modern Church is encouraging women to take more active leadership roles in the Church. Unfortunately, the result of this policy tends to discourage men from wanting to get involved in the Church which then makes the Church more feminine. Men tend to “throw in the towel” when faced with this type of atmosphere and tend to stay away. Which is the wrong reaction but it is the typical one these days as most men would rather watch football on the weekends. And the young men and boys are the victims of said policies. For the Church to be strong and be a leader in the fight against the evil modern culture, men need to step up and take more active leadership roles in their parish.

For example, men should volunteer as leaders of religious education at their parishes to provide a masculine example to the youngsters. Currently, these positions are dominated by the women. Men should also take more active roles physically helping out the priest around the parish which will encourage and inspire him to be a masculine role model for young boys and men so they actually WANT to become a Priest. The men should encourage the priest to wear a Cassock which is the ultimate studly attire. Priests generally are surrounded by women that help run the parish which generally doesn’t bring out his masculine side.

The men in the Church also must start encouraging the incredible tradition of the Church, such as the Traditional Latin Mass, which has proven to be a magnet for vocations. Young men need true and authentic examples of masculine role models these days. Remember, Jesus was a carpenter. He probably had huge strong forearms and a sturdy handshake. He was no wimp. Men need to take his example and start to use their manliness to lead the Church out of the post-conciliar (aka hippy and wimpy) age.

Here is the link to the Vortex mentioned above: http://www.churchmilitant.tv/platform/?today=2014-12-03


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