Latin is Sacred . . . Which is Why the Devil Hates it!

We’ve recently discovered Father Peter Carota and boy are we happy we found him! He is a gem. He is a defender of the traditional rite and subscribes to the belief, as we do, that the graces that flow from the Latin Mass are exactly what the world needs. Now get out there and find a Latin Mass and take your family before they get too engrossed in the world. Please see Father Carota’s post below on the Latin Mass.


Traditional Catholic Priest
by Fr. Peter Carota

Latin Mass, Latin Exorcism, Latin Sacraments Crush The Devil

Posted on November 16, 2014 by fc

Ancient Catholic Missals show that the Latin Mass Canon has been basically the same ever since Pope Gregory the Great (560-604). Pope Pius V (1504-1572), only slightly modified this ancient Gregorian Missal, along with some of the rubrics. He did not modify the Roman Canon itself. He then promulgated this ancient Roman Latin Mass in all places (except where there was still in use another Rite that was 200 years or older). This did not include where the Byzantine Rites were being used. But remember, the vast majority of Catholics are Roman Rite Catholics.

Since then, slight changes have been made, like new saints feast days, but the Tridentine Missal, or St. Pius V Missal was in use all over the Roman Rite Church for 400 years.

But then, in 1965, this Tridentine Missal was translated into the vernacular (in our case, English) and no longer was obliged to be offered in Latin only. The Novus Ordo, (New Mass), of Pope Paul VI was promulgated and began being offered all over the Roman Rite world in December 1969. The Latin Tridentine Mass was then suppressed in the Church, (except for a few places and for old priests who did not want to offer the new mass or could not learn it).

At the exact time that Latin was being removed from the Catholic Church’s Sacraments, all hell broke out in the world. Many attribute the break down of society and the down fall of the Catholic faith to the “drugs, sex and rock n roll” revolution of the late 60’s. I contend that it was the devil, and his friends (demons), who brought on the revolution.

Remember that the devil hates Latin and the sacred ancient Latin Sacraments, Rites and prayers of the Catholic Church. So you can see that it was precisely when Latin was being removed, (1965-69), that all hell broke loose.

Many ask why the devil hates Latin and why it is used in Exorcisms and has power over the devil. The answer is that ecclesiastical Latin is a sacred language that was reserved only for the divine service of the Church of God, in prayer and in the Sacraments. (There is classic Roman Latin of Cicero that is also studied today. But it is significantly different for the sacred ecclesiastical Latin.)

Our profane language is English. It is used to cuss with, to curse with, gossip with, to lie with, to deceive with, to corrupt souls with, along with all the other common ways it is used to communicate with.

On the other hand, ecclesiastical Latin is only used for holy things, and is a dead language that does not change and has been reserved for centuries just for prayer, (especially the Latin Mass). For this reason, the devil hates it.

It is so sad when Catholics say they hate the Latin Mass. They literally say they do not like it, or, in some cases, say they hate the Holy Latin Mass, just because it is in Latin. They also say that they do not want to go because they cannot understand what is being said. I tell them, please, God gives you everything all week long, 24-7, can’t you just offer God one hour in sacred prayer, the way He likes it? Why hate what the devil hates? Why not love what God loves?

The proof that God love’s the Latin Mass is the it was He that had His Church offered it that way, in the Roman Rite Church, for the last 1800 years? The only other answer is that God and His Church had it wrong all those years, and finally, 1800 years later we got it right. How absurd.

My theory is that when the popes removed Latin from the Roman Catholic Church, and suppressed the Tridentine Mass, that is what allowed all hell to break out on earth. We need to return to the Latin Mass and other Latin Rites and prayers to fight the devil.

I talk about the Roman Rite or Roman Catholic Church because Latin is our sacred language. Other rites use other sacred languages like Greek, Russian, and Aramaic. Most of these rites have not had their Divine Liturgies altered since Vatican II and are still basically in their ancient form.

Let us all do our part to get rid of hell out of this world by bringing back the Latin Mass, all the Latin Rite Sacraments and the Exorcisms. We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and have these nuclear weapons to fight the devil.


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