The Cassock is Awesome

I love the Cassock. When I see a Catholic priest wearing their black Cassock in public it makes me practically giddy. It tells me a lot about the Priest. First, it tells me the Priest is PROUD to be Catholic because only Catholic Priests wear Cassocks (he won’t be mistaken for a squishy Protestant pastor which I have done in the past). Second, it tells me the priest is brave because they will most likely face ridicule or harassment for wearing it, especially in this secular world we live in.

Being brave and speaking the truth loudly and boldly is the job of a Catholic priest and wearing the Cassock allows them to say much without opening their mouth. God bless these holy priests. Please pray for more brave and bold priests like the one below who has written an excellent blog post about how wearing the Cassock out in public helped bring two lost souls back to the faith. THANKS BE TO GOD!


Traditional Catholic Priest
by Fr. Peter Carota

Wearing Traditional Catholic Cassock Brings People To Latin Mass
Posted on November 15, 2014

A portable propane tank for the stove in my house leaked gas and needed the valve replaced. So I took it in my van to a place that fills and repairs propane tanks. The man who waited on me was Mexican. He asked me if I was Catholic and he waved his hand, indicating the cassock I was wearing. I told him, definitely.

He then went on to explain to me that he had studied all the religions of the world; buddhism, hinduism, Islam, mormon and protestantism. He told me that the muslims would not allow him to come into their mosque or become muslim because he could not understand Arabic in which they pray and teach the koran. They told him that they would be watching out for him on the surveillance cameras.

Then he told me that his mother was a good Catholic and that he had even been an altar boy. The last thing he was into was the masons. I informed him that the masons were behind the torturing and killing of the Cristeros in Mexico. He had not heard of them.

I told him that I too had studied about the different religions and knew that the only true faith was the Catholic faith. I invited him to come to the Holy Latin Mass at 8 am Sunday at St. Catherine’s.

He said he would fix the valve on the propane gas tank and fill it up. But he told me I could not take it back in my van because the law prohibits caring a large propane tank in a car in case it leaks it would kill the people. It has to be in a pickup. He then took me into the owners office to see if anything could be done. The owner was very kind and said they could deliver it the next day to my house. When the tank was delivered this is what I joyfully received. First the tank was newly painted, a cap was installed and a ribbon was on it. The pink ribbon had “Father Peter Carota”“ My Name is A_____. I Am Going To The Church At 8″ (Latin Mass)

What a wonderful surprise to receive the newly painted repaired propane tank, but most of all the note that he is coming to the Latin Mass on Sunday.

After that I went to Safeway. The check out woman I had met once before. She told me that she was looking for a church close by. I told her about St. Catherine’s and the 10 am Latin Mass I offer on Sundays. She said she wanted to go on Saturday. So I told her about the 5:30 Novus Ordo Mass.

See what great things happen when we priests wear the traditional Catholic Cassock. Be encouraged all of you priests who are ridiculed for wearing the cassock. If only it save one soul and brings someone to the Holy Latin Mass, it well worth the ridicule and persecution you have received for wearing it.

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