The Angelic Doctor and our Passions

Found on the intraweb:  A wise individual wrote the paragraph below in reviewing St. Thomas Aquinas’ Treatise on Passions:

“So for him, man is made for friendship with God and all his passions and appetites are ordered to that end. The unplugging of man from his constitutive relationship with God crisscrossed his circuits and thus the passions can often be chaotically arrayed against man’s “telos.” But it was not so in the beginning and it is not so in man’s fundamental nature. Aquinas understands original sin and the consequent loss of sanctifying grace as a disruption of man’s NATURAL STATE — being in obedient love with God.”

We have been pulled from the dark abyss out of love from God so we can love him and spend eternity with him.  But too many of us simply ignore him and pretend we can be happy without him.  We need God to control our passions.  The Angelic Doctor knows this oh so well.

Well played my anonymous friend.


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