Save the Liturgy . . . Save the World

One of my favorite quotes ever is ‘Save the Liturgy . . . save the world.”  Pope Emeritus Benedict the XVI famously said this.   As we all know, he is the driving force behind the come back of the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM).  Thank God!

I move around a lot in the military.  I have seen my share of masses and most have been unemotional, banal and sterile.  The only masses where I have been lifted up to Heaven by the mass have been at parishes where the priest either says the TLM or has incorporated many of the TLM aspects into the Novus Ordo mass (such as ad orientum). The TLM is just so beautiful and rich that words can’t even describe the experience.  It truly is the closest thing to heaven on earth.

A good example of the power of the TLM was at a TLM Requiem (funeral) mass I attended.  After the mass I spoke with two non Catholics (most likely atheists) who told me the Requiem mass was the most powerful event they had attended in their lives.  In their lives!  They didn’t understand a word the priest or the schola said or even anything that was happening up on the altar or around the casket but they just knew they were in the presence of something supernatural. Sometimes it takes an unobjective observer to point out the obvious truth and boy did these two gentlemen nail it!

Another thing I noticed is that TLM parishes, or where a parish offers at least one TLM on a weekend, are vibrant, lively and have a cohesiveness that is unparalleled. These TLM families are having lots of children and are studying the one true faith and most importantly educating and making a point to raise their children in the faith. The liturgy is the driving force behind creating this culture. These children will then grow up, God willing, to become Priests, nuns, teachers, etc… and bring their faith to shape the world. Thus, save the liturgy . . . and save the world.

Below is a blog entry at a great new Catholic blog titled “” regarding an “Amazing Parish” conference recently held in Denver. The purpose of the conference was to improve parish life. The blog entry notes the “Amazing Parish” conference didn’t list as one of the ways to have an “Amazing Parish” was to improve the liturgy. Based on my experiences moving around, the conference wasted a HUGE opportunity for all these parishes that attended. It seems quite obvious to me in my travels. I am not sure why others don’t see it.

The blog entry can be located here:


2 thoughts on “Save the Liturgy . . . Save the World

  1. Did you GO to the Amazing Parish Conference? Have you looked at their website? Our parish did and you and Mr. OnePeterFive are completely off-base.

    1. You raise a fair point. No we did not attend the conference and there certainly was some good items on the agenda. However, our point is that the liturgy has to be the center of parish. All supernatural graces flow from the liturgy. I am curious if that point made at the conference by anybody?

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