Interview with A Pro Athlete

Alex Kupper is an offensive lineman for The Houston Texans. He also happens to be a committed Catholic. He was interviewed recently and has many good things to say. The one thing that struck me is how he has ordered his life the proper way. This is what he said:

“When I started playing football in junior-high school, I had a coach, Paul Passafiume, who had a big impact on me. He’s part of SportsLeader, a group which tries to associate sports with virtue. They want athletes to see that sports are not a separate compartment in life, but that your values should shape who you are on the field as well. We were taught by Paul that God is above everything; family follows, then school, then sports and others things. That’s a great hierarchy to have in your mind from the start, because it keeps you from taking lesser things too seriously.”

I personally work with people everyday who take lesser things way too seriously. Without putting God first, one’s priorities are all out of whack. Virtue takes a backseat for most people these days. But not for this kid.

I hope he continues to use his fame to evangelize and be a solid witness for the One True Faith . . . The Solution of All Problems . . . The Barque of Peter! The more committed Catholics there are in the world the better place it will be.

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