The Truth of the Catholic Church

We found this description of the Church that hits the mark. I pray all our protesting friends see the light before they take their last breath.

“The Magisterium of the Catholic Church is the activation of the deposit of faith in Christ for all of human history. Understanding it is essential. It proclaims the truth of the reality of Christ as Incarnate God. His reality does not depend on anyone thinking or imagining it as real. And Christ is the Trinity in action.

Catholic philosophy is nothing but wisdom. The pursuit of real truth. It is a response to the most radical interior call for true and authentic human living at all levels, and without compromise. This is accomplished by those who accept the announcement of the truth of Christ as God Incarnate, which the Magisterium of the Catholic Church teaches in obedience to the personal commands given by Him to His Apostles. The Church is Christ. The fountain from which we receive the strength and understanding to configure Him in our lives. And He is with us always in the reality of the Eucharist. Because He designed it.”


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